tOKo is distributed as Prolog source code. The distribution consists of a single zip-file with three sub-folders:

  • Dictionaries. Information about a natural language including wordclasses (nouns, verbs, etc), spelling variations, and so forth. Currently dictionaries for English and Dutch are available.
  • Packages. The source code proper.
  • Applications. Applications created on top of tOKo. These will usually consist of a corpus, an ontology and startup files. The startup application included in the distribution can be used to create a new application.

Download: tOKo (version 0.0.27; October 28, 2007)


  1. Download and install SWI-Prolog. The current version of tOKo requires SWI-Prolog version 5.6.39 or later.
  2. Unzip the distribution in an arbitrary folder on your computer.
  3. For installation on Linux and Mac it may be necessary to recompile the C-language libraries. After installation type:
    % cd packages
    % make
  4. See Creating an application to proceed.