The open source version of tOKo is under active development. Until this is completed we are mainly interested in:

  • Bugs. Oh well, we are not really interested in bugs. But should you find one (or even a few) do not hesitate to let us know.
  • Comments. Suggestions of any kind are always more than welcome.


The open source version is derived from versions incrementally developed in research and commercial projects over the years. Most of the original development has taken place in the context of the Metis project, and Metis also supports the development of the open source version.

The current version has benefitted from ideas, bug reports and, most importantly, mental support from: Marcel Bijlsma, Andy Boyd, Rogier Brussee, William van Dieten, Lilia Efimova, Ekatarina Ermilova, Marjan Grootveld, Andreas Heinrich, Stephanie Hendrick, Robert de Hoog, Willem-Olaf Huijsen, Anneke Jansen-Van de Vrie, Wouter Jansweijer, Robert Slagter, Janine Swaak, Christian Wartena, Jan Wielemaker, Bob Wielinga.


Development and documentation is coordinated by Anjo Anjewierden (homepage, weblog):

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